LGMF Project: Learning Landscapes in Higher Education

Clearing Pathways, Making Spaces

Leadership, Governance and Management Fund (LGMF)

All UK funding councils (HEFCE, SFC, HEFCW and DELNI) have invested in improving leadership, governance and management in the higher education sector through the Leadership, Governance and Management (LGM) Fund. A total of £10 million over three years was available from August 2004 to fund a wide range of projects, and a further £10 million over three years was available from August 2007 to July 2010.

University of Lincoln (Lead HEI)

The project involved twelve universities from across the sector and was part funded by all UK Funding Councils (HEFCE/SFC/HEFCW).

The emergence of new learning landscapes requires much closer collaboration between academics and estates so these new spaces can consolidate and drive further innovation without losing the strengths of the traditional academic environment.

This project has explored new pathways and strategies which universities can use to link academic expertise to the process of quality and cost effective estate development in the redesigning the university for the 21st century.

Learning Landscapes is a research project looking at the ways in which academics need to work with colleagues in Estates and other related professionals to develop and manage innovation in the design of teaching and learning spaces in higher education.

Collaborators were University of Lincoln (lead HEI) with Universities of Glasgow, Glyndwr, Loughborough, Napier, Newcastle, Queen Mary, Oxford Brookes, Reading, Warwick, Wolverhampton and York. International consultants DEGW were also involved.

To access the full report, tools provided, case studies and other information, guidance and outputs, see learninglandscapes.lincoln.ac.uk

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